Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device

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Cervical Traction Device


Stop Experiencing Intense Neck Pain, TMJ And Tension Headaches

Eliminate your neck pain and muscle stiffness in just 10 minutes a day with the Cervical Traction Device!

  • Say goodbye to neck discomfort naturally (without relying on strong pain relief)
  • Bring the benefits of a personal chiropractor to your home (saving you money)
  • Restore balance to your posture (empowering you to stand tall with assurance)
  • Experience stress relief (enhancing your sleep, well-being, and quality of life)

Expert-Endorsed Solution for Neck Discomfort:

... and Praised by Over 20,000 Satisfied Customers

Chronic Neck Pain

Tension Headaches

Poor Posture

Neck Strain

Pinched Nerve

Herniated Disc

Cervical Spondylosis


Disc Degeneration

Naturally Alleviate Neck Discomfort

Many contemporary occupations and pastimes involve prolonged desk sitting and screen gazing, prompting unnatural body postures.

This often triggers neck discomfort, stiffness, and poor posture, potentially culminating in chronic inflammations, arthritis, herniated discs, and dependence on potent pain relievers.

Our Cervical Traction Device aids in reinstating natural neck flexibility and posture, effectively reversing neck damage and alleviating pain, stiffness, TMJ, and tension headaches—all in just 10 minutes daily.

Groundbreaking Finding

You may have experimented with numerous neck pain solutions, each boasting grand claims yet falling short of expectations. Let me assure you, it's not your fault that you're still experiencing discomfort.

Typically, these alternative neck devices address only one aspect of pain relief, offering temporary respite without tackling the underlying source of the issue.

Following 3 years of prototyping and investing $112,000 in laboratory testing, we serendipitously uncovered the revolutionary amalgamation of:

  • Acupressure techniques
  • Stimulation of the sub-occipital muscles
  • A three-way cervical traction system

Addressing each of these 3 components of neck discomfort was the magic formula that led to immediate relief from chronic neck pain.

Delivers a 78% Improvement in Pain Relief

This innovative fusion prompts the deep neck muscles to reset, restoring them to a state of relaxation.

Following this, the three-part cervical traction system enables compressed discs to open up and unwind.

This combination:

  • Alleviates pressure on pinched nerves,
  • Decompresses discs,
  • Enhances posture,
  • And enriches the neck area with blood rich in nutrients and oxygen.

The outcome is immediate relief from chronic neck pain, TMJ, and headaches, with a device proven to be 78% more effective than its top competitor.

With regular usage, damage is reversed, granting enduring relief from neck discomfort.


Reversal of Damage

When muscles undergo stress and contract, they constrict their own blood flow, resulting in damage and hindering their capacity to heal.

Utilizing the Cervical Traction Device prompts the relaxation of muscular tension and stimulates an influx of nutrient-rich blood to the neck and shoulder region.

This facilitates the recovery process and has the potential to undo substantial damage to the neck area. Consequently, it leads to sustained alleviation of neck pain and muscle soreness in the long run.

The Ideal Stretch Every Instance

Our Cervical Traction Device features two levels: the convex side offers gentle traction, making it suitable for individuals experiencing severe neck pain and limited range of motion.

The concave side offers the most extensive stretch and is ideal for users with more advanced levels of experience.


Crafted by Healthcare Experts and Chiropractic Specialists

The Cervical Traction Device underwent 6 iterations and gathered data from over 11,219 test patients to attain the pinnacle of neck pain alleviation.

Collaborating with a distinguished group of PhD orthopedists, our in-house chiropractor pinpointed the 26° stretch crucial for eliminating neck humps.

"I can't attend to my patients every single day. This accelerates their progress by 57% and provides relief in my absence." - James Martin, DC

Exceptional Quality of Life

Neck pain, discomfort, and associated conditions such as TMJ or tension headaches can significantly disrupt your daily life. Simple tasks serve as constant reminders of the persistent pain you endure.

Today, you possess the ability to instigate change. By alleviating your pain, the Cervical Traction Device fosters secondary benefits such as:

  • Elevation in mood 
  • Heightened concentration at work
  • Remarkable posture and boosted confidence
  • Restful, pain-free sleep

You can finally reclaim your life.


We've Got Rave Reviews

Don't allow neck pain to control your life any longer. Take a step forward and become part of our community of pain-free customers today!


Joanne D.

"This device has almost completely eliminated my neck hump. I have far less neck pain and am standing up much straighter. I absolutely love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants better posture."


Jennifer M.

"This has been a huge help to me. I have what is called Torticollis (stiff neck) and it limits my range of motion and causes alot of pain. When I use this pillow, the traction and the pressure point nobs, it really helps my muscles relax and allows my neck to go back into place. It's a little uncomfortable at first, but as you relax onto it, the pain goes away. This is a life saver for me."

Irene E.

"Love this product! I’ve been dealing with a lot of neck pain for about 6 months. Acupuncture and chiropractor didn’t fix it but helped some. Chiropractor feels it’s a good product. I am not as consistent as I should be but it certainly does help when I do! My neck hump is noticeably better."

Regina O.

"It definitely lives up to the name! I'm a nurse and we put people in traction all the time... its definitely where your neck is the most comfortable. I put it behind my neck when I watch TV so its super easy to get those 10 minutes a day in. I wish I found this sooner!"

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